Why should you use Katalog.world?

When selling products to resellers, brands / suppliers often have to provide product data to help with product sales and management (dies, product sheets, images, etc.).

In these cases, resellers have several options for identifying new products in their management or sales tools.

  • Request long and complex import matrices from the supplier.
  • Require access to databases or other media centers to be able to copy and paste data from one system to another.
  • Copy pdf catalogs or spreadsheets to create product sheets
  • Re-enter paper catalogs
  • Copy other reseller sites to acquire product data easily when the data is difficult to access.

This re-entry work is extremely tedious and costly for the entire chain with a consequent risk of loss of information quality, or data corruption.
Not to mention the time required which can seriously increase the time to sell products and therefore a direct impact on the sell out rate.

Created by independent retailers, the main mission of Katalog.world is therefore unique and simple:
Transmit, from a GTIN (EAN or UPC), to a third party as quickly as possible the most reliable product information available and format it for a rapid and personalized use.

The promise is to create product sheets using our algorithms to reduce the time it takes to re-enter content, which is a brake on commerce.

For brands, using Katalog.world to spread product data ensures that informations in its catalog are accessible by all of its contacts, without loss of data, and without friction in their consumption.
And guarantee, of course, that the right product information will end up in the right places.

It’s too a sureness that when a reseller uses Katalog.world the data that algorithms push him is in accordance with what the brand expects.